Laboratory Services

At Vision Inspection Service Limited, we test the chemical characteristics of products, petroleum products most importantly, as we carefully look out for water level. In our laboratory, our chemists conduct water level tests, pressure tests to ascertain the composite characteristics and properties of the products to make sure they are in equal state to the properties and specifications spelt out in the cargo manifest.

Test results that emanate from Vision Inspection Service Limited are trustworthy as they go through the rigorous tests of our professional chemists that are aware of the negative financial implications of product test results that falls below the specifications of the contract. We adapt the latest technology and industry best practices in conducting our tests. This has enabled our test results to gain global respect as we adhere to the stipulations of our contract.

Vision Inspection Service Limited are equipped with latest technologies and we leave no room for error in our tests. Our tests are extensive, we cover commodities in various forms and liquid products, we present our test results with clarity as well as embrace international metrics standards bearing in mind that our clientele cuts across multiple borders.

We also carry out the underlisted laboratory analysis and services:

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